Underestimated risk

Gum bleeding, never again.

Recent studies have shown that many patients have unrecognized chronic inflammation, which is known to be connected with coronal heart disease, diabetes, rheumathoid arthritis, earlychild birth and the like.
Bleeding gums during home care should be taken seriously and your dentist should be consulted within short time.

The bleeding is caused by dental plaque around the gingival margin. It can cause caries and when left at the gingival margin causes gingivitis (= inflammation of the gum) and periodontitis (= inflammation of the deeper structure with resolving of the alveolar bone).

A periodontitis not stopped in time has impact on the whole body.
Long-term studies have shown the effects of an untreated periodontitis:
In particular the risk of heart attack or stroke is 2 to 4 times higher.
The risk of premature birth is even 5 to 8 times higher in comparison to pregnant patients without periodontitis.
It is also known that diabetis in its beginnings, as well as in terms of stabilizing the disease is influenced by periodontitis.
Therefore the recovery and the preservation of the parodontium (=jawbone&gum) are very important for your general health.

Periodontitis needs regular treatment and in advanced cases an intensive therapy.
If the jawbone is affected by the inflammation around the tooth it is important to start therapy as early as possible to avoid even further bone loss.
With a diagnosis at the right time and consistent treatment there is a good chance to get around time-consuming therapies to restore your health.

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