Esthetic dentistry

A beaming smile

Your most beautiful personality...

People with beautiful teeth feel comfortable laughing in any situation and as we all know a smile connects people in a special way.

Our painless treatments make sure that your fear of dental treatment will be history.

Discoloured teeth will be brightened, and unsightly teeth will be covered with delicate “prep” an “non-prep” ceramic veneers (= ceramic facings) or even more fragile, lumineers (= extreme fine ceramic facings to lengthen teeth or change width or correct asymmetries .)
The result: a perfectly balanced “smile line”.
These facings cover all imperfections without being invasive.
A special adhesive guarantees the durable stability.
So unsightly fillings and unfavourable tooth forms will be transformed into bright, white, beautiful teeth. Just Smile!

A brighter and whiter smile can be archived in just a couple of hours with our whitening system. It is a safe and gentle method.
Contact us and we will be happy to explain the “Power Whitening System” to you.

Full ceramic inlays can also be used to compensate damages of your teeth. In cooperation with our dental laboratory we create small masterpieces. Due to a special inserting technique, these ceramic “fillings” can be stuck seamless into the tooth.
The tooth looks natural in form and colour.

With composites (= tooth-coloured material) small defects can be filled up. The tooth is rebuild in layers by a time consuming adhesive technique to fully restore it in function as well as its appearence.

Zirconium ceramic allows us to achieve complete metal-free restaurations.
This means: No longer black crown margins or allergenic metals in your mouth and also perfect aesthetics for your front crowns.

If there is a tooth with a receded gum line (“Long tooth”), we can redesign the gum and restore it as desired.

Please contact us! Your teeth are worth it!

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