Dental implants

Solid and safe

Biting powerful again.

If a tooth has been lost, there are several options to replace it. One is the use of a dental implant (=artificial dental root). This is a widespread and long-term tested technology (round about 1 000 000 implants per year are being inserted in Germany).
When losing a single tooth an implant that is made from titanium will be placed in the jawbone and after a few month a crown like a natural tooth can cover it.
During that period you will be provided with natural looking temporary replacements.
This method will archieve a natural look and the chewing function is fully restored.
Nowadays even a degraded jawbone can be rebuild and implants offer a comfortable option.

Its like chewing with your own teeth.

Many patients wearing a dental prothesis complain that it does not fit very well and that it causes pressure pain. Denture fixatives and healing remedies often do not solve the problem.
Depending on your personal needs and wishes, implants could be a good choice.
The comfort increases by the number of implant inserted.  This guarantees a long-term durability.
If you wish, you could exchange your prothesis by a complete implant based crown and bridge construction.

An implant can be a good solution for all ages and wherever a tooth has been lost.
Our experienced implantologist will find the perfect solution for you.

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