The service you expect, the service you deserve

We would like to introduce ourselves as a team of dental specialists placed in a dental clinic in the city of cologne. We are committed to offer our patients modern dentistry, with hi-end technology at the peak of scientific findings. The result is striking esthetics and perfect function even from a difficult starting point. Furthermore we pay attention to the well-being and convenience of our patients at all times.

We also follow the strict demands of the EFQM (European Foundation of Quality Management) as well as cooperating with a “German State of the Art” dental laboratory with the highest esthetic and technical knowledge in manufacturing with the wellknown standard “Made in Germany”.
These features have increased the international demand of our highly qualified dental skills.

We are pleased to meet you!

Esthetic dentistry

People with beautiful teeth feel comfortable laughing in any situation and as we all know a smile connects people in a special way.

Our painless treatments make sure that your fear of dental treatment will be history.

Discoloured teeth will be brightened, and unsightly teeth will be covered with delicate “prep” an “non-prep” ceramic veneers (= ceramic facings) or even more fragile, lumineers (= extreme fine ceramic facings to lengthen teeth or change width or correct asymmetries .)
The result: a perfectly balanced “smile line”.
These facings cover all imperfections without being invasive.
A special adhesive guarantees the durable stability.
So unsightly fillings and unfavourable tooth forms will be transformed into bright, white, beautiful teeth. Just Smile!

Dental hygiene

Health starts in your mouth

Precaution instead of risk

Prevention is the best protection from disease. The most important issue in dentistry to preserve healthy teeth is, beside constant domestic dental care, a regular professional cleaning.
Our dental hygienists perform this treatment.
After a professional treatment your teeth look and feel perfectly clean.


Underestimated risk

Gum bleeding, never again.

Recent studies have shown that many patients have unrecognized chronic inflammation, which is known to be connected with coronal heart disease, diabetes, rheumathoid arthritis, earlychild birth and the like.
Bleeding gums during home care should be taken seriously and your dentist should be consulted within short time.

Dental implants

Like your own teeth.

If a tooth has been lost, there are several options to replace it. One is the use of a dental implant (=artificial dental root). This is a widespread and long-term tested technology (round about 1 000 000 implants per year are being inserted in Germany).
When losing a single tooth an implant that is made from titanium will be placed in the jawbone and after a few month a crown like a natural tooth can cover it.
During that period you will be provided with natural looking temporary replacements.
This method will archieve a natural look and the chewing function is fully restored.
Nowadays even a degraded jawbone can be rebuild and implants offer a comfortable option.

Its like chewing with your own teeth.

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"Die Datenschutzerklärung habe ich gelesen, verstanden und erkläre hiermit mein Einverständnis."

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